Free your smartphone

Our phones are powerful enough to put a man on the moon, but we use them to send text messages and browse the web. Additionally, when new models come out, we simply throw the current ones away. Imagine the possibilities if you could use the computer in your pocket to its full potential. With Minio you can.


Minio lets you easily control your DIY projects using your mobile device. Now you can prototype on-the-go without a computer.


Minio adapts to your existing sensors, enabling you to measure just about anything with your smartphone.


Minio frees your device from the limitations imposed by manufacturers and lets you explore your wildest imaginations.

Freedom: for your smartphone

Nowadays, upgrading the software features on your smartphone is as easy as downloading a new app from the mobile store. When it comes to the hardware though you're locked in by the manufacture and forced to accept what they give you. It shouldn't be this way. Your ability to extend your mobile hardware should be as simple as downloading a new app. Minio enables you connect to hardware IO blocks and use your smartphone your way.

Minio quarter


Integration: with your apps

Its great to be able to extend the hardware of your mobile device, but it's not much fun if you can't customize the way that you interact with it. That's where the Minio SDK comes in. The Minio SDK lets you incorporate your custom hardware blocks into your apps. Now you can control, measure and play the way you've always dreamed.

Customization: your hardware your way

With Minio you can connect your smartphone to hardware that you create. Imagine the possibilities. Your mobile device can now be an extension of your project and your imagination. Supercharge your creations with the computing power of your "pocket computers". Minio lets your projects become truly mobile.